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Alex Shacklock




Author of ‘Firm Principles: Simple guidelines for winning professional services firms’

Book: Firm Principles

Helping organisations to achieve their objectives by:
– Embedding a clear strategy to achieve the business vision
– Aligning people and culture with the business direction
– Improving people and business performance
– Empowering engaged teams and individuals to drive success

A qualified accountant with experience at Director level at a top 7 Accounting firm, I have extensive experience of the Professional Services Sector and have helped clients with people development programmes from Partner level to graduates and school leavers that are absolutely aligned with strategic objectives and company values.

I also have extensive consulting experience in talent and performance management and helping firms create strategic objectives and identify the business critical capabilities, skills and behaviours which drive success.

And a prominent area of focus is in building skills and confidence in Business Development and those crucial advisery and relationship skills that separate the best professionals from the rest.

A client service and cross selling programme developed for a medium sized firm
generated over 1500 client service actions and client / prospect meetings.