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Clarity is the global advisory platorm for small business owners. Using the power of both artificial intelligence and blockchain, Clarity will allow the 163 million small businesses around the world to take back control of their data, powering growth and success.

Clarity will make it easier for small businesses to thrive by bridging the gap between financial data and the practical business insights required to build a sustainable business. Our platorm will help small business owners to understand their numbers, manage and access cash and create a business that works.

It’s naive to suggest that the technology alone will solve these problems. That’s why Clarity will connect empowered advisers with business owners who need their help. We will provide accountants with a scalable business advisory solution that enables many of their team to deliver outstanding service, tell stories with numbers, plan success, validate decisions and ultimately advise better. They will become a true trusted advisor or the firm of the future. Institutional investors who would normally shy away from small cap investments, will have access to early stage businesses. They will benefit from more accurate, up-to-date and reliable data, resulting in less risky and more profitable investment decisions.

Our vision is huge and we want the Clarity platform to become the one-stop shop for business owners worldwide. A platform where, in addition to the core features we are building, they can access a whole range of business services.