Have a look at what delegates from last year’s Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference told us they liked about the event:

“The simple fact you realise everyone else in facing the same challenges as you!  Some insightful suggestions and solutions to some of these problems.” Ian Smith, Ryecroft Glenton

“The round table discussions were good as people discussed real examples.” Alan Paterson, Anderson Anderson & Brown

“The general feeling of ‘camaraderie’ and the identification of common problems with some suggestions of solutions.”  Jonny Woodward, PKF Francis Clark

“Networking, making the digital discussion.” David Fardell, Buzzalott

“Great to be able to talk to other firms of a similar size to understand how they are approaching the challenges we all face.  Glad there were plenty of other accountants.” Chris McCourt, Tait Walker

“Good to catch up with like-minded people to hear what is happening at other firms and with IT providers.” Colin Peacock, HSKS Greenhalgh

“Networking opportunities with quality firms – hearing experiences of others.” Ali Jones, Sagars Accountants

“Networking with other firms and ensuring that we weren’t missing anything obvious.”  Simon Brown, Tait Walker

“The collaboration between firms and willingness to discuss issues affecting the industry openly.” Shilen Manek, Simmons Gainsford

“Conversation, ideas and processes.” Gary Brockway, HSKS Greenhalgh

“I enjoyed the networking opportunities – meeting colleagues from other firms.  Most useful was hearing how other firms are addressing the same challenges that we face.”  Jonathan Booty, Bulley Davey

“Speakers, sharing ideas with peer organisations.  Sharing experiences.” Chetan Mistry, Smith & Williamson

“The chance to meet and exchange ideas and share problems with fellow members.  Opportunity to meet suppliers in a relaxed atmosphere.”  Steve Runnacles, Ensors

“Ability to share and learn good practice and what other firms recommend/are considering.  Access to suppliers.”  Bee Lean Chew, Wilder Coe

“Break-out groups that give chance to share ideas.”  Lizzy Lloyd, Larking Gowen

“The networking opportunity.  Being able to listen and share ideas with similar minded people.”  Paul Farrell, Mitchell Charlesworth

“Round table discussions are very valuable and insightful, great opportunity to swap business cards.” Simon Marsh, Wright Vigar

“Meeting people from similar firms and hearing what they are doing.”  Rebecca Trudgett, Alliotts

“Collaboration between people and presentations.”  Ercan Demiralay, Wellers

“Networking with colleagues from other firms.”  Jon Stanton, PEM

“The round table sessions allowed everyone to discuss subjects that are causing the most concerns and, in some cases, obtain ideas to move the concerns forward.”  Mike Moore, Whittingham Riddell

“The round table sessions were useful for understanding how other firms are tackling IT issues.”  Wendy McNulty, SB & P

“Networking and social elements.  Clear “mind-time” to consider properly where we are and need to go next.”  Julian Higgins, Bulley Davey

“Networking opportunities.” Simon Bulleyment, Haysmacintyre

“A good insight into the direction of the profession & IT.” Graham Wallace, Barnes Roffe

“Networking with other firms and engaging at the round table discussions.”  Andrew Guy, French Duncan

“For anyone not immersed in technology it is very useful to be exposed to what is currently the leading edge and the likely developments to come.”  Graham Gordon, Moore & Smalley

“Collaborating and talking to other accountants, sharing ideas.”  Anoop Rehal, Smith & Williamson